Vista Q&A with Johanna Adleson

What do you enjoy most about Vista?

I look forward to coming to the office and working alongside our talented and compassionate team each and every day. The collaborative office environment allows us to leverage our vast intellectual capital and provide a world-class experience for our clients.

What quality makes you best suited to provide wealth management services?

I am very analytical, a real problem solver. I'm able to sit with clients, take in a lot of data and input and provide both thoughtful and tangible solutions for consideration. I have over 10 years experience in the industry in various roles which allows me to multitask when needed.

What do you feel is the biggest value Vista brings to its clients?

Vista's institutionalized processes. At Vista, although each and every prospect and client are uniquely different, they will experience the same in depth process brought to all of their financial needs. It is repeated over and over again because it works well by vetting out true goals versus wants, magnitude of importance of objectives, timing and risk considerations.

What professional accomplishments are you most proud of?

Vista has four internal annual awards called the "Visties" which are voted on by my peers and given to the Vistans who excel in their positions. I received the "Got Your Back" award for always being willing to take time to help my colleagues with any project no matter how big or small. It is critical when building a strong team that we utilize our individual strengths and skills to provide excellent service to our clients.

What do you love to do outside of work?

I'm an outdoors person, so anything I can do outside is great! My favorite thing to do is grab my husband and our dog and explore the many hiking trails and beautiful spots in the Bay Area.

What is the biggest challenge in providing service?

The biggest challenge is delivering unwelcoming news. It's important to be sensitive to clients' aspirations, but make sure they have the financial ability to achieve their goals and provide the best advise and tools to get there.

Johanna joined Vista in 2013 and brings 10 years of experience in the investment-related industry.

Prior to Vista, Johanna worked at a large brokerage firm working with high-net worth clients focusing on account transactions and trading.

Johanna graduated from St. Mary's College in Moraga, California with a Business and Economics degree. She is currently working toward obtaining the CFP® certification.