Every Vista client relationship begins with a plan. Through our Discovery process, we identify key financial goals and model several what-if scenarios to assist clients with decision making. The planning process is ongoing and an interactive exercise between our clients and their advisors.


While planning is the core of what we do at Vista, our investment strategies are what our clients rely on to accomplish their goals. We devote substantial resources to provide a world-class investment experience that is both innovative and cost effective. For those clients who wish to adopt a Values Based investment strategy, we offer an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) focused alternative.

We understand that investing can be a daunting experience especially when we consider the substantial volatility in the markets since the late 90’s. That’s why we take great care to educate all potential clients on the following:

  • Why we invest the way we do
  • Why diversification of asset classes and countries matters
  • How we manage risk
  • How we can provide “risk free return”
  • How understanding the dimensions of stocks can provide opportunities to add return
  • How capital is invested and deployed
  • How we approach Alternative Investments

Through Vista’s rigorous evidence-based approach to long-term investing and dedication to independence, we can provide you with an investment strategy for life.


At Vista we are passionate about knowing our clients. That means spending the time required to fully understand their unique financial concerns and goals. Although we do not create legal documents, or sell mortgages and insurance in-house, our team of advisors has extensive experience in all of these areas. This means that we are qualified to do the planning work internally, discuss our recommendations with you and then together decide how to best execute the solution. If we do a great job asking the right questions and listening to your answers, we can efficiently design and execute your plan.

At Vista we prefer to look at everything before we diagnose anything. Yes it takes longer. Yes it’s a commitment from both sides. But we end up with a richer plan and a deeper understanding of our clients’ unique situations.